Thank you for visiting my website: Physique Fotos.

I am a professional physique photographer who has been published many times over. My images have been featured in ads, magazines and the calendars, Black Men 2013 & 2014. I have now launched my own calendar featuring men who have worked extremely hard on their physiques. My book, The Best of Physique Fotos vol. 1, is now available for purchase as well.

My photography of the male physique has become widely popular on an international level by a growing number of fans. I appreciate all of you. The wonderful countless emails received are a testament that my work is appreciated. The words most used to describe my images are strong and masculine. Compliments such as those are spot-on, because that is exactly the work I strive to produce.

It is very important to me that my clients receive images that are respectful and flattering to them. All are wolcome in contacting me. I pride myself in making you look your absolute best, so if you are pursuing a career in physique modeling or just want photos of yourself displaying your hard work and accomplishments in the gym, please feel free in using my contact information below:

Craig S. Brown
Physique Photographer

912.247.6865 (EST)